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If you are aware of the importance of your business network then you’re sure to want the best possible products on the market which will ensure effective installation and network stability. Fluke Networks is a globally recognised supplier of fibre and copper cable testing tools and equipment. They manufacture a wide range of products for testing and troubleshooting LAN networks. In addition, Fluke Networks also provide efficient performance management solutions to establish robust, secure networks in the workplace. Fluke Networks is renowned for producing effective fibre and copper cable testers which are essential components in the certification process. These products are also highly efficient testers for both fibre optic and copper cabling, and can effectively troubleshoot network connectivity issues quickly and economically. Ensure that you experience minimal network downtime by successfully optimising your network with the help of the high quality products from Fluke Networks. Maintain productivity and increase profitability with the use of a reliable, secure network. Contact Mboneni Teledata for further information regarding our range of Fluke Networks products, or simply browse through our Fluke Networks products list to view our array of products. Copper Certification and Testing When installing copper cable network systems one needs to adhere to certain industry standards. This process is known as copper certification. In order to effectively gather this information one needs a reliable testing tool which delivers a simple “pass” or “fail” outcome. This process is called copper cable testing Datacom Installation Tools If you take you IT infrastructure for granted you are setting your business up for network failure and IT dysfunction. Datacom installation tools guarantee that effective installation, certification and testing solutions are put in place to ensure that your fibre and copper cabling meets the required industry standard, enhances and optimises performance, and offers effective support to the application necessary for your business to function Read More Fibre Cable Certification and Testing Fibre optic cabling is now the preferred choice for the majority of business and home networks. As a result of this exponential growth in popularity over the last couple of years it is now more important than ever to adhere to the strict fibre cable certification industry standards which have been set. Read More Meet Versiv The Versiv family is fast becoming known as the tools for the overachievers. These highly efficient copper and fibre cable certification tools are quickly revolutionising the market, providing better results with less supervision. Read More Meet Versiv With double the speed of past models, the Versiv family is a collection of powerful testers with innovative features which get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only does the Versiv family accelerate the certification process but these tools also error proofs every step of the certification process. Versiv tracks the certification process, from set-up to system acceptance. Meet Versiv Products FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro Read More OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant Read More OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant Features An automated all-in-one tester for understanding end-user network performance on-site in real-time and through the cloud over time. All-in-one: combined copper, fiber and Wi-Fi troubleshooting resolves a broad range of problems with one tool Fast: one-button automated testing with pass/fail analysis speeds identification of the most common problems in about a minute Easy: standardized network troubleshooting and performance validation empowers technicians of various skill levels to solve more problems with confidence Complete: a comprehensive client view of performance isolates the problem root cause starting from the physical layer, through the network and to server-hosted applications Cloud: automated, cloud-based results trending and performance analytics to troubleshoot intermittent client problems from anywhere using a web-connected device with a browser Discover: automated wired and Wi-Fi discovery and analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties, device interconnections and problems Performance: end-to-end L2/L3 wired and Wi-Fi path performance measurement to a peer or a reflector to validate and document link readiness and SLA compliance VoIP: inline VoIP call monitoring and comprehensive logging simplifies troubleshooting of desktop VoIP problems in real-time without taps or switch mirror ports Capture: wired, Wi-Fi, VoIP and AutoTest packet capture streamlines collaboration and escalation of the most complex issues Versiv™ test platform: expand capabilities by adding new modules as testing needs evolve OptiFiber® Pro OTDR Read More OptiFiber® Pro OTDR OptiFiber Pro is the first OTDR built from the ground up for enterprise fiber testing. OptiFiber Pro is focused on reducing costs while enhancing productivity and improving network reliability. Features First OTDR with a smartphone user-interface Industry’s shortest event and attenuation dead zones Accelerate fiber certification with the fastest set-up and trace times SmartLoop OTDR introduces the testing of two fibers in a single test eliminating the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform tests. Improve resource utilization with custom configurations for projects and users Simplify use with “DataCenter OTDR™” mode and EventMap™ view Custom project folders Categories: Fluke Networks, Meet- Versiv. CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set Read More FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro Features Fiber Inspection Certification Graphical indication of Problem Areas Store End-face Images Built on the Versiv Platform Versiv’s ProjX™ System Taptive™ User Interface LinkWare™ Management Software PASS/FAIL Fiber End-face Grading Categories: Fluke Networks, Meet- Versiv. Description   Product Enquiry Product Description End-face contamination is a leading cause of fiber failures. Dirt and contaminant cause insertion loss and back-reflection that inhibits optical transmission and causes havoc with transceivers. Fiber loss and OTDR testing can expose this problem, but in many cases, dirty connections make fiber testing time consuming and inaccurate. Since dirt can be an issue before, during, or after fiber optic certification testing, and migrate from one end-face to another upon mating, both sides of any connection must always be cleaned and inspected. Further, mating contaminated connectors can cause permanent damage as microscopic debris is crushed between end-faces in physical contact. Even factory terminated patch cords or pigtails must be inspected as protective caps do not keep end-faces clean. Avoiding this common cause of failure, starts with inspecting the end-face and eliminating any contamination before insertion into a bulkhead or piece of equipment. The FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro allows you to inspect and certify end-faces in 2 seconds so you can get the job done the first time. Automated PASS/FAIL certification take the guess work out of fiber inspection so anyone can be a fiber expert. 2-second automated PASS/FAIL certification of fiber end-faces Automated Pass/Fail certification of fiber end-faces Graphical indication of problem areas due to contamination, pits, chips, and scratches Certify to industry standards – IEC 61300-3-35 Eliminate human subjectivity from end-face measurements Save end-face views during certification process   Features Fiber Inspection Certification Certify your fiber end-faces to industry standards – IEC 61300-3-35. Or if you prefer, you can manually grade your end-faces. Graphical indication of Problem Areas FiberInspector Pro highlights defects found on fiber end-faces. Instead of just coloring the defect area, the FI-7000 colors the defect and highlights the defect’s background so that the defect is clearly visible. Defects that fail the standard’s requirements are colored Red, while defects that pass are colored Green. Store End-face Images Store both end-face images of a fiber directly in your Versiv test results. Combine end-face images with CertiFiber Pro OLTS and/or OptiFiber Pro OTDR test results for the complete history of your fiber cabling health. Built on the Versiv Platform The FI-7000 is built on the Versiv Cable Certification Platform which enables you to easily add optical loss (OLTS) and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) or even twisted pair copper or network analysis functionality to FI-7000. Product add-on kits are available for the DTX CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro OLTS, OptiFiber Pro OTDR and OneTouch AT Network Assistant. Versiv’s ProjX™ System Versiv’s ProjX™ System manages jobs from setup to systems acceptance, ensuring that all tests are completed correctly. Enter the testing details for a job once, and ProjX stores them in a project file with a name the whole team can understand. Change modules or jobs without having to re-enter details. Support multiple testers on the same job by sharing project files via USB sticks or email. Easy just met efficient. Taptive™ User Interface Now you can test across multiple media types and requirements as easy as using a smartphone. Simply, select the job you’re working on, and the large display confirms the test that needs to be performed. Taptive helps you tap into the overall cabling infrastructure faster and more easily. LinkWare™ Management Software Project managers have full capabilities to monitor workflow and consolidate test results. LinkWare pulls data togther into a single report that is easy for customers to understand, showcasing quality and workmanship. LinkWare stats, provides automated statistical reports that turns test results into charts to reveal performance. The report even summarizes your entire cabling and fiber infrastructure in one compact, graphical format, so it is easy to verify margins and anomalies. PASS/FAIL Fiber End-face Grading The FI-7000’s PASS/FAIL fiber end-face grading is available to all Versiv owners. It is included in Versiv firmware v3.0 and higher. To enjoy this free fiber end-face grading, just download the latest Versiv firmware and create a new Project using FiberInspector as the test.       DSX CableAnalyzer™ Read More In addition, these tools also speed up troubleshooting, eliminate testing errors and make the set-up process simple and manageable. As with most business, the faster the process of set-up and system acceptance goes the more likely your business is to be profitable. To put this in perspective: Research has shown that 90% of contractors have reported issues regarding set-up, reporting and testing on a monthly basis. If these reports contain seven or more issues then it all adds up to approximately a week’s worth of labour lost. Therefore, it is extremely important to certify your copper and fibre cabling if you wish to maintain efficiency in your business. The Versiv family minimises this amount of downtime, speeds up the certification process and ultimately increases profitability and productivity. For additional information regarding the Versiv family or to enquire about the availability of Versiv products  DSX CableAnalyzer™ Features Versiv™ modular design supports copper certification, fiber loss, OTDR testing and Wi-Fi analysis Unmatched speed for Cat 6A, Class F A  and all current standards ProjX™ system manages job requirements and progress from set-up to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly Taptive™ user interface simplifies set-up, and eliminates errors Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare™ management software Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield faults for faster troubleshooting ETL Verified to IEC Level V – the most stringent accuracy requirement Endorsed by cabling vendors worldwide Categories: Fluke Networks, Meet- Versiv. Right Tool Selection Guide Being a world-class manufacturer of quality cable and network testers, Fluke Networks has an array of quality products which we have on offer, right here, at Bitrate. Read More LinkSolutions LinkSolutions provides complete end-to-end network connectivity testing and automated reporting into our new Link-Live Cloud Service, all with the push of a button. LinkSolutions provides organizations of any size and users with varying skill level with the right tool for the job.Read More
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