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Uila- Mboneni Teledata Partnership announced 3 March 2017 Pretoria based IT solutions and services company, Mboneni Teledata announced that they would be the sole geographical partner for Uila Application-aware Infrastructure Performance Management Software. Leon   Bezuidenhout,   CEO   of   Mboneni   Teledata   made   the   announcement   at   a   function   at   the   company’s   head   office   in   Pretoria   on   Friday   3   March   2017.      During   the   short   announcement   speech   he   said:   “We   are specializing   in   the   network   analysis   segment   for   the   last   12   years,   but   integration   and   virtualization   became   all   the   more   important   components   of   what   we   encounter   every   day.      Off   course,   our   job   is   to   create   stable networks   and   to   solve   problems,   and   we   are   partners   of   products   that   can   help   us   and   our   customers,   to   reach   our   goal   faster   and   more   efficient.         Analysis   is   sorting   out   problems   quickly.      The   buzz   term   in   the industry is “Root cause analysis”.  So we align with solutions that can help us achieving that.  Our relationship with Fluke Networks, Netscout and Netbrain came over a long time already.” “We   are   honored   to   enter   in   this   relationship   with   Uila.      Virtualization,   entering   that   big   black   hole   of   the   digital   space,   means   that   you   must   be   able   to   see   what   is   happening.      Without   visibility   into   the   digital   world things can become very problematic and very expensive.  Uila allows us to enter this market with great confidence, all to the benefit of our customers.” “Eventually   our   customers   and   their   problem   free   networks   are   the   centre   point   of   our   business.      If   then   not   in   a   pro-active   way,      of   creating   a   stable   network   environment,   then   in   getting   to   the   problem   in   no   time.     To quote the old advert “Helping to save you money.  Fast!” “Dean Au,   Chief   Operations   Officer   of   Uila,   a   co-designer   of   the   Uila   product,   and   was   also   designer   of Airmagnet   product,   currently   part   of   the   Netscout   portfolio.      Mboneni   Teledata   uses Airmagnet   on   a   daily   basis to design and troubleshoot wireless networks” For   more   information   on   Mboneni   Teledata   and   Uila   please   visit ,       or   contact   Mboneni   Teledata   012   386   9000,   Leon   Bezuidenhout   082   326   0405       or Technical Director Edward Mabua  076 792 3181  
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