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Top 5 Reasons to deploy a NetBrain on your network NetBrain makes life easier for network teams, while improving the reliability and security of the network. Here are some of the most common use cases adopted by our 1000+ enterprise customers. How up-to-date are your network diagrams? With NetBrain, your network is self-documenting. That means you can access any view of your network (site maps, L3 maps, L2 maps) on-demand. NetBrain performs a recurring re-discovery, called a benchmark, to keep the network maps accurate and complete. Before NetBrain, it was a massive project to update the network documentation. Now, it’s one less thing to worry about. Do you know what you have in your network? When you discover your network with NetBrain you get a comprehensive inventory of every network device (routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and wireless access points) as well as end systems on the network (servers, VoIP phones, call managers, etc.). This inventory is updated automatically, every time the network is benchmarked with NetBrain, and you can export the asset reports to Excel or .csv with one-click. You can even customize the asset reports to include custom fields, by writing a NetBrain App. Network problem? What changed? In NetBrain, you open a live map of the problem area, and turn on Change Analysis to see all the changes that occurred since the last time the network was working. You can drill down to find exactly what changed – in configuration, routing, and much more. Before NetBrain, you would have been relying on guesswork to start troubleshooting. With NetBrain, you can identify the source of the problem in minutes. Slow Application? Is it the network? With NetBrain, you enter the IP address of the application server and the end host to map the path across the network. Once you’ve isolated the part of the network forwarding application traffic, you start diagnosing the problem with automation. You can monitor the performance of each device and interface in the path, find out if the path changed recently, and automate common diagnoses to find the source of the problem. Is the network compliant with SOX, PCI, HIPPA, etc.? You leverage NetBrain’s data collection, analysis, and documentation capabilities to overcome the challenges during an audit. NetBrain provides comprehensive documentation for the network’s inventory and design automatically. It also stores all your config files, route tables, and underlying design. You can validate compliance for specific requirements by writing Apps that analyse individual configuration files to compares them against a ‘Golden’ baseline.
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