Allegro Multimeter

Allegro Network Multimeters are powerful yet easy to use diagnostic appliances for network analysis. They are used by network administrators to monitor and acquire highly granular real-time and historical network traffic. A comprehensive network analysis can be quickly performed, network problems can be detected with just a few clicks, performance bottlenecks identified, and packet losses detected. The Network Multimeter is the market-leading device for analyzing faults and peak loads, and a highly efficient monitoring tool to ensure best network quality.

Allegro 200

The Allegro Network Multimeter is available in four different system sizes – designed for network analysis in 1 G, 10 G, 40 G or 100 G networks. The entry-level model (Allegro 200) which weighs in at 260 g is not much larger than a smartphone; the larger versions (Allegro 1000 / Allegro 3000) fit into a laptop bag and weigh around 2 kg. The Allegro 1000 & 3000 Series is also available as a rackmount unit. The 3500 / 5500 Series are optimized as 4U rack devices for installation in server racks. All Allegro Network Multimeters help speed up your network analysis many times over.

Allegro Analysis Modules

Network Traffic Overview