Wireless Analysis

WFA- Wi-Fi Analysis
The stated objective of a Wi-Fi analysis is to perform a spot check of the existing wireless deployment, in order to establish that the current wireless infrastructure meets the needs of the users present. The analysis is also there to indicate and identify problems as they occur. The results can be used to solve these problems.
The primary goal and subsequent objectives were designed with coverage, desired throughput and usability as primary driving requirements for the customer. This survey is created using an industry standard set of Mboneni Survey PRO wireless tools and software, which are used for building, securing and troubleshooting wireless networks. This Wi-Fi analysis encompasses site surveying, RF spectrum analysis surveying and real time active site surveying techniques.

Before we can conduct a design for your wireless layout, please provide us with the following:
•A person in your company who has information about the wireless infrastructure. If the person has the capacity to make changes, should it be recommended, even better.
•Accessibility to the premises could be required.
•A Troubleshooting analysis does not necessarily need floor plans, as we will move through your environment to identify specific problem areas.

In some cases the end user will not require a report, as the corrections will be done while we are on site.
But should you need a report; a fully comprehensive technical report of up to 1000 pages can be generated. To reduce this report to a concise technical work document unfortunately takes time. This report will be generated off-site.
The following will be included in this Wi-Fi Analysis report with each heading as a document containing more detailed information.
1.802.11 RF Summary
2.AP List
3.Channel Summary
5.Interference Summary
6.Top 10 by Speed – Bytes
7.Top 10 by Frame – Bytes
8.Top 10 by Media – Bytes
9.Alarm Statistics
10.Security Alarm Detail
11.Performance Alarm Detail
12.Recommendations or Report of changes applied

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